• Make your Hot Tub  Like New Again,  For Less

    Make your Hot Tub
    Like New Again,
    For Less

    The All-In-One Digital Spa Pack Controller

    Why replace your circuit board, heater, or top-side control panel, when you can replace the whole system at the same cost or less?

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    Your Best (Easy & Affordable) Replacement Spa Pack

Meet Your Hot Tub's New Best Friend

Meet Your Hot Tub's New Best Friend
  • The Apollo 11 Digital Controller connects with 120V-240V 3 wire and 240V 4 wire spas.
  • Easy to install, and the lowest priced controller.
  • See the illuminated LCD display in direct sunlight or at night.
  • Easily schedule the controller to heat up when you want.
  • The Apollo 11 controller configures and diagnoses itself as well as your other spa equipment (Pumps, blowers, etc.).



What Comes With The Apollo 11?

Upon purchase, expect a better product, more options, and help with your installation. It's so easy to install and diagnose, we can help you over the phone!

Enjoy your no hassle warranty & lower cost. Yes, it's a No-Brainer! Call 844-772-7220

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Best Customer Service In The Industry

"When you have any questions or problems with your installation, check out kurmburra.

If you still are having trouble, give us a call at (844)-772-7220 instead of guessing."


America Focused Product

America Focused Product

We are proud to proclaim the Apollo 11 is designed, assembled and supported in the USA with components manufactured globally. When you buy from Trinity Electronic Labs, you're supporting Americans in business.

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"I’ve owned this Apollo 11 digital box for 6 months now and THE thing is still working great. This is unbelievable for what I paid for it, OUTSTANDING customer service with very little problems hooking it up. I would highly recommend this product." - Dave C.

Why Replace Your Controller With The Apollo 11?

Easy To Install

Easy To Install

This easy to install device is self configuring eliminating the technical problems that come with setting up your spa.


This all-in-one device is compatible with 120 and 240 volt, and three wire and four wire, hot tubs.


The Apollo 11 operates with up to four Pumps plus it has an ozone generator and can be fitted with a fiber optic or standard 12V light.
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Get a circuit board, heater and t