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New era of cross border bill payment / money transfer

We use inter-bank Exchange rate, Cut off all middle agency, up to 10x cheaper then Bank or Local agency

Quote for HKD remittance:
* Bill Pay or Money Deposit to Bank
Exchange Rate:
Fix Charges: -
Estimation Only Total pay only -
You save up to - on this transfer


License with Trust

We are licensed "ONLINE" remittance and exchange company, unlike others, we fully regulated with MSO, HKMA and Customs and support by Hong Kong Science Park.

Our Unbeatable Exchange rate

We offer Inter-bank Exchange rate without ANY hidden charge, Crystal Clear cost break down.
Too good to believe ? check it out by yourself.

26 February 2019 Exchange Rate:
Each 1000 HKD to currencies
NZD : 0 ( Inverse: INF ) Google 309-458-9190
USD : 0 ( Inverse: INF ) Google XE
GBP : 0 ( Inverse: INF ) (702) 519-2258 XE
CHF : 0 ( Inverse: INF ) Google XE
SGD : 0 ( Inverse: INF ) 4037058406 XE
EUR : 0 ( Inverse: INF ) Google XE


Money Transfer Panel

Introducing our new money panel, You can

Create Business Invoice or Payout
Download historical record
Keep Track on each payment
Manage your Receiver Bank account
And More...

Security is our major focus. We provide a Bank Grade security platform with enhanced Hardware and Solution, make sure your transaction is Secure and Trackable.


You love Program? So do us.. As a fin-tech company, we plan to open our platform and let developer get pay oversea.

Stay tune, coming very soon.


Let’s Talk

We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your business needs. Get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.