Parking Access & Revenue Control

Electric power is sufficient


Entry & Exit Stations

41 variants


Pay Stations

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Barcode Printers

Thermal tickets & cards, PVC cards


OEM hardware

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What we are good at


  • Prevent unauthorised car park use
  • Transform even small car parks into revenue parking
  • Grant fast yet controlled access to vistors, customers, suppliers and staff
  • Up-to-date online auditing reports via the cloud
  • Telemetric data & alarms via e-mail and sms + via the cloud

What we do better

Probably the most cost-efficient solution on the market

We believe that current parking systems are too complex and too expensive for small and mid-sized car parks, as well in terms of purchase price, installation and maintenance.

No data cables, not even wifi. Installation in record time.

That’s why we develop parking products that by default need no computer, no software and not even a wired or wireless network. Electric power is sufficient. Result: a very cost-efficient solution.

Complete yet never complex.

Even without wired or wireless communication, DAS offers payment parking (according to parking duration), cloud management, up-to-date auditing, reports, etc…

Ease of installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Electric power is sufficient. Installation in record time. Commissioning of one scanner station and one thermal printer literally takes less than 30 seconds without using any software!!.

Outstanding reliability and sustainability

As DAS products are by default standalone, we can guarantee outstanding reliability.

Standard products and custom developments

We invest up to 20% of our resources in R&D. Our standard products continuously evolve but we also develop on demand. Go to our contact page and let us know your suggestions or requests.

How we do it. Why we are better.

Virtual communication

The ticket validity is stored in the barcode. Therefore, it is the barcode that determines how long and how often a ticket can be used, without any communication between the stations, the printers and the barrier (or other means of physical access). Electric power is sufficient.

The DAS BarcodeVirus-principle

DAS stores all parking related data in each 2D barcode. Thanks to the DAS BarcodeVirus principle these data are transmitted from barcode to barcode. Then simply network one station to our cloud server (GPRS or Ethernet). This station still operates standalone but also uploads all barcodes on a regular basis. Via CloudAccess you then can create and visualize auditing reports such as access control events, turnover, etc… while still enjoying the benefits of a standalone DAS installation.